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Annual Rainbow Gatherings

The Annual Rainbow Family Gathering is celebrated during the first week of July (1st - 7th) and is hosted in a different National Forest within the United States. Since approximately 1972 there has been an Annual Rainbow Family Gathering every year with some states having hosted more then one Gathering within it's borders. Of all the various types of Rainbow Family Gatherings, The Annual Rainbow Family Gathering of the Living Light is by far the largest of Family Gatherings. In high years the mass of family can exceed 30,000 souls and has also enjoyed the energy much the same with as few as 7,000 belly buttons in attendance.

These rather large freeform gatherings are attended by a broad and diverse spectrum of people although the hippie movement has a larger appeal to the media. Truth is, you can meet almost anyone from almost anywhere at a gathering. The celebration is commercial free and there is absolutely no charge to attend a Rainbow Family Gathering.


This is an open freeform counsel process that allows for all views and conciderations. Your guidance and energy towards an uplifting and harmonious gathering is deeply appreciate. Please make time to attend if you are able.
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